Sunday, July 28, 2013

Her Happy Ending

               Jacqueline just couldn't believe it! Only weeks before, she was worried sick about her thinning hair. She had already notified her childhood friend,Desiree,that she wouldn't make it to her wedding.
A concerned sympathizer, Desiree recommended FAST SHAMPOO for quick results.At first, Jacqueline carried her doubts.
"I've tried other shampoos but to no avail."
"Jacqueline, Fast Shampoo is different. It feeds the hair with essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins not found in regular shampoos."
Staring at herself vividly in front of the mirror,weeks later at the wedding event,Jacqueline shakes her head in perplexity.
She is back to being a Maid-of-Honor.Thanks to Desiree, everything fits perfectly together.
Jacqueline then joins the bubbly entourage in the scenic garden. There she is, Desiree with extreme jolliness.
 "See,I told you. Fast Shampoo has the ability to make your hair grow as fast and as healthy as possible!" Desiree lovingly whispers.
"Excuse me Miss, may I join you?'
Jacqueline abruptly glances aside and sees a striking gentleman.He is Nicholas, the best man.
"Why not?".
"I am the groom's childhood playmate.Magnificent hair you have!".

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