Friday, July 5, 2013

Lawn Revisited

         My Aunt Matilda was elated when she saw me standing by the garage door. I have just come home to hour vacation house in Houston after a long recluse. It was part of my parents' graduation gift to pay my favorite aunt a visit in the cowboy state.
She led me to  a wooden box containing a Homelite Powerflex Hose that's 
been kept there for eleven years!
"Remember how you loved to sprinkle water on the lawn,dearie."
I gently carried the pressure washer outside the garage and plunged it into the neatly carved lawn.
"This hose remains intact."

"Nobody has ever used it since you left."
I began to loosen up my hold of the hose.Its rubber inner core helped allow it to bend like a rope 25 ft. length.
Seconds later, a childhood playmate passed by the fence.
It was Lettie,the Bully. She used to make fun of my wide and rounded hips back in middle school. She called me Duckie,the Hippie. I cried endlessly and showered her with the hose as a defense.
Now at 22, I am a Bryn Mawr Business degree holder and Lettie is a Mighty Bum!
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