Friday, May 19, 2017

Her Stilettos


She couldn't hold her breath properly. Looking like an overexcited debutante, Ursula glanced at her own image before the walled mirror. And she gasped heavily. It was her first time to attend an Orgy. Her sorority sisters have arranged the superficial event as a final initiation before she could fully penetrate the organization. 
"Wear these," Penelope ordered in a very authoritative voice and dropped the beige colored shoe box on Ursula's cramped bed sheet."See you at exactly 12 pm, no more no less." 
Ursula nodded like a forlorn kitten. Anything Penelope released as a notification sounded like a legal law to be followed. She was the unbeatable Queen of the Kha Pi Khappa Sorority.
Ursula clearly recalled when she was five minutes late for a meeting at the sorority barn.And her punishment was automatically cleaning the horses' poo. 

Ursula couldn't stay put in her room for quite sometime now. She was thinking of the best wardrobe to go with the golden stilettos. In reality, she has never seen such gorgeous heels all her life-sparkling with real gold sequins. Well, if she ran away with the stilettos and sold them to an innocent bystander, she'd be one hell of a rich woman. 
"I wonder where they got these heels," Ursula mused to herself and examined the pair of stilettos closely.
There were succeeding knocks on her door. And Victor came in. Her boyfriend has always been her darling savior. He brought with him a shopping bag full of paraphernalia.

"This dress will look perfect for your stilettos!" he hailed merrily like a 12 year-old boy who just won his first football match. 
Ursula hastily donned the red and black ball gown and was struck by the ardor it gave her. It made her feel like a very powerful ball hostess. It fit her perfectly. 
And when she finally wore the golden stilettos, she caught the dissatisfied expression on Victor's bearded face. 
"It doesn't match,,," he quipped shortly. 
Ursula saw his point. Just then, Victor spread out a new pair of stilettos he grabbed from a discount store. 
"Victor, where did you get those?" Ursula was half amused and half surprised. 
"Doesn't matter babe." he embraced Ursula and quickly made love to her. 

Ursula ran mightily to the grand ballroom. For a while, she forgot about time because she and her boyfriend had a lovemaking marathon. Before she knew it, it was already 11 pm! 
At last, she reached the grand entrance. Her eyes scanned the guests. And there was Penelope-with her sharp stare.
Ursula bowed slightly before the Head Mistress of their sorority.
"WRONG STILETTOS!" Penelope snapped angrily. 
Ursula tried to explain but to no avail. 
Penelope did not like the red and gold stilettos one bit. 

The next day, Ursula's mother rushed to the police station where she was questioned by a roomful of investigators. She has not even recovered yet from the nasty knowledge about her daughter's sudden death and here she was-being paraded before a litany of intruders. 
"I told you over and over again. It was a sorority ball. It was her final rite." Mrs. Torrence sobbed. 
"Was your daughter suicidal in a way?".
"She was doing great in her Interior Design internship. She had a wonderful boyfriend. And a jolly dog named Winter. She was a very normal and happy college student." 
'Well," the head investigator surmised, "Who would have caused her to jump off from PASADENA BRIDGE?".

The said bridge has been infamously noted for suicide cases. Any passerby by the bridge would feel a demystifying sensation. One was even quoted as saying that he so wanted to jump off the bridge himself. The bridge reverberated of severe melancholy, of very deep sadness...of debilitating despair. 

Victor happened to pass by again the discount store where he bargained for the red and gold stilettos. Two weeks passed by quickly. He was amazed that the store has closed down abruptly. And it didn't look as new as it was before. Its whole facade seemed to have changed overtime. 
"Do you have any business with the store?" politely asked a town locale. 
"Yes, I was wondering why it's closed now...I just bought an item not so long ago."
The stranger sneered. "You must have been the umpteenth victim."
"What do you imply?".
"That decrepit store has been standing on its ground since 1920. It has been empty ever since."
Victor couldn't hide his exasperation. He was speechless.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Swim With Me

Wasn't it amazing that Carol and her husband have always wanted to have their private pool that was flashy crimson? Perhaps they were influenced by one of their recent trips to Asia when they swam heartily in red clad pools. So when the pair negotiated with the house broker, they made sure he included the inscribed pool in the deal. 
Now Carol and Tim had a 2 year-old son who was not afraid of the water pool at all. In fact, Carol always made time for Harold, helping him make a splash in the pool as he pleased. Carol was both ecstatic and apprehensive that her toddler had real fondness for swimming. "Maybe he's the next Michael Phelps!" she beamed. 
One afternoon, however, a turbulent event came about. She momentarily gasped for breath when she reached the rails of the pool. But she was pretty sure she was holding onto her son's fragile arm. But at that second, her grip of him was not felt. And she panicked mightily. "Where the hell is he?" she turned her head around.
The she screamed for about five to six seconds, galvanizing her neighbors. One of them, Mrs. Kettles, rushed to the backyard entrance and approached Carol in a melancholy but stern way. "What happened?" she asked at once.
And Carol pointed at the center of the pool."There's blood!" she told them confidently."A lot of blood!". 
And a reverberating giggle caught all of their attention. Spread on the green grass was Harold, sucking his thumb as he looked all the way up to the clear lit sky. He seemed so comfortable, with no cares in this world. 
Carol ran to her son and wrapped him in her bosom. "How did you get in here?" She was shaking.
Another neighbor, Mr. Willie, who was a bit cranky, warned that Carol shouldn't be so careless next time. Because even if she cried "Fire!" he wouldn't budge. 
Soon after, Carol collected her guts and retold her husband Tim about her confusing episodic moment with Harold. She couldn't calculate how he got out of the water and crawl into the grass. 
"You're just imagining things. Maybe you were swimming too hard."
Carol fidgeted on her bed."And he wasn't wet when I held him."
When Tim asked to leave for a work appointment, Carol came across a carved medium sized box inside the glass cased shelf near Tim's desk. She deliberately examined the contents of the antique box and picked a photo frame. It was a bright cheery picture of a wholesome family of four, swimming together. 
As the weary days passed by, Carol limited her time in their pool. And she even discouraged Harold from taking a dip in the pool, warning him about "baby sharks." She could never shake off from her mind the bloody memory she viewed from the center of the pool. 
The greatest shock of her life arrived when he spotted a forlorn man wandering in their backyard. And alas! The stranger had the nerve to actually wade his feet into the pool area. 
"Excuse me Mr. but you're trespassing."
"I owned this pool once. It was mine." The voice echoed from a deep end.
"Really? When...was that? Before we came here?"
"World War 11..."
Carol almost burst laughing. But she felt cold when she saw the man wearing a soldier's cap. She felt all the more tremor when he saw his eyes shimmering. 
"They took them away. My wife, my daughter and  my son...while I was away fighting..."
Carol bit her lower lip. This was getting real."Who took them away?".
And the stranger wept. "They accused me of being a spy for the Russian Army."
Carol stepped backwards. The image of the man was getting hazier. "What did they do to your family?".
"They electrocuted them...with a special equipment...while they were swimming."
Carol wanted to take a very deep breath.'Why are you telling me all these?".
The man snapped. "Because your son is next!".
"My son?".
"Your husband is a descendant of my family's attacker. He is going to pay."
The man choked her. "When your boy reaches the age of twelve, he is going to drown like my son did." His eyes bulged into bloody sockets."And no one is going to stop it." 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Her Happy Ending

               Jacqueline just couldn't believe it! Only weeks before, she was worried sick about her thinning hair. She had already notified her childhood friend,Desiree,that she wouldn't make it to her wedding.
A concerned sympathizer, Desiree recommended FAST SHAMPOO for quick results.At first, Jacqueline carried her doubts.
"I've tried other shampoos but to no avail."
"Jacqueline, Fast Shampoo is different. It feeds the hair with essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins not found in regular shampoos."
Staring at herself vividly in front of the mirror,weeks later at the wedding event,Jacqueline shakes her head in perplexity.
She is back to being a Maid-of-Honor.Thanks to Desiree, everything fits perfectly together.
Jacqueline then joins the bubbly entourage in the scenic garden. There she is, Desiree with extreme jolliness.
 "See,I told you. Fast Shampoo has the ability to make your hair grow as fast and as healthy as possible!" Desiree lovingly whispers.
"Excuse me Miss, may I join you?'
Jacqueline abruptly glances aside and sees a striking gentleman.He is Nicholas, the best man.
"Why not?".
"I am the groom's childhood playmate.Magnificent hair you have!".

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lawn Revisited

         My Aunt Matilda was elated when she saw me standing by the garage door. I have just come home to hour vacation house in Houston after a long recluse. It was part of my parents' graduation gift to pay my favorite aunt a visit in the cowboy state.
She led me to  a wooden box containing a Homelite Powerflex Hose that's 
been kept there for eleven years!
"Remember how you loved to sprinkle water on the lawn,dearie."
I gently carried the pressure washer outside the garage and plunged it into the neatly carved lawn.
"This hose remains intact."

"Nobody has ever used it since you left."
I began to loosen up my hold of the hose.Its rubber inner core helped allow it to bend like a rope 25 ft. length.
Seconds later, a childhood playmate passed by the fence.
It was Lettie,the Bully. She used to make fun of my wide and rounded hips back in middle school. She called me Duckie,the Hippie. I cried endlessly and showered her with the hose as a defense.
Now at 22, I am a Bryn Mawr Business degree holder and Lettie is a Mighty Bum!
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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Fitting Room

      Tei-Tei has a queer fondness for red stuff.She goes for anything that accentuates crimson in her belongings and clothings. Even shoes for that  matter, or belts,or cellphones. Perhaps she is
such a vibrant and passionate lady that she aspires for a redded closet.
      One warm afternoon,a close friend tipped her about a newly opened boutique in Bangkok.The friend claimed the store offered numerous choices of red painted dresses, blousesand accesories.
      Tei-Tei couldn't contain her excitement.She's been tired of
common fashion stores in their town and the store her close pal suggested truly caught her interest.
      So without delaying any time, Tei-Tei headed straight to "EKANS BOUTIQUE".

      "I am Madame Eskire," the Boutique manager was cordially introducing herself."What type of item are you looking for?".
      Tei-Tei lay aside her leather bag and gasped for a few,
short breaths. "Honestly, your place is quite hard to find..."
      The manager chuckled a bit. "Come, I'll show you around."
      Tei-Tei welcomed the friendly invite.She removed her straw hat and fixed her kerchief.
      "I'd like to check your new kerchiefs...and possibly a couple of dresses later." Tei-Tei made a slow demand and flashed the Manager a faint smile.
      "Sure...try this on."
       Tei-Tei was mesmerized."How did you know I adore RED?".
       The manager scowled, and showed mild irritation." From the
gut, I guess."
       Tei-Tei went inside the third partition of the linear fitting room. She began to don the red kerchief.
                Suddenly, there was an abrupt shriek heard from the vicinity of the boutique. Then a very long wail followed suit.
       Madame Eskire has just pushed the button from the third fitting room. Her half-snake and half-man son would not starve for
the next several weeks. Tei-Tei was a good enough meal for him.
       Her scaly son has been pining for a white-skinned woman with
a red kerchief. The last time he scored a big meal was the moment a
third-year Dentistry student from Bangkok stepped into the third fitting room. The severed woman was wearing a striped, red kerchief.
Her meat was not like anything that the son had ever tasted. And from that instance, he framed a theory that any woman with a red kerchief on would make a great, indefinable meal.
     The next day, Shamira dropped by EKANS BOUTIQUE. Undaunted
and weary, she asked quizzically if Madame Eskire had met Tei-Tei.
     "She said she'd return immediately to her house and we're gonna
try all the items she bought from here.We are to attend a party later tonight." She narrated in a fast-paced, sing song manner.
     "No, she never went here." Madame Eskire jolted, examing the
an ID picture of Tei-Tei.
     "Are you sure? Where would I look for her now? Don't you know
she's an only child?" Shamira drank her power drink in a quirky and
panicky mode."I shouldn't have sent her here. Her mother would call the police and file charges against me."
     Madame Eskire elbowed forward. "I'll tell you a good idea. Why
not fit a dress you like in the fitting room over there. You can have the shoes or the slacks. Choose antything appropriate." She winked.
     "That would be a good idea. So I can take my mind off this mess."
      Shamira got in the third fitting room to the left wing of the
      "Now my son, you can hibernate for months." Madame Shamira
chortled to herself.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dolly Mia

The day I turned 18, I could never get over the euphoria of neighbors, senior high school
friends, and co workers of my beloved mom and dad, who took the time out to celebrate
with me. No, I didn't have an extravagant debut party for I was, by nature, a very simple
person who was content with the bare essentials in life.
The DOLL HOUSE at our backyard was actually, believe it or not, the venue for my
18th birthday. Yes, I had the privilege of owning a life-sized doll house that could raise the eye-
brows of the affluent parents of a rich kid in Beverly Hills.
My family wasn't materially preoccupied.Rather, my parents were true blue Christians
who raised me and my brother in upheld values. In the neighborhood circuit in ITALY, our
family was known as "the family that prays together,thus, stays together."
The subsequent title made us all proud, especially my dearly devoted mom who was
sometimes self-righteous. Once, my brother called her "Hypocrite and fanatic." and he got grounded for weeks.
Well, to begin with, I once cherished a DOLL that resided in the Doll House. And I
christened her MIA.

How did I come upon Mia? Well, I spotted the creature at a doll show in Milan. There
were numerous dolls on display at the show and they came as far as Greenland. It was sort
of an exhibition of the "the most authentic, ingenious, and glamorous dolls of the planet." The
top prize I could not vividly recall,though my mom told me it was close to half a million dollars.
MIA, by the way, was a doll package from Russia. She wasn't the least bit attractive but she carried an irresistible aura that I could not withhold. Therefore, I got her and bought her.
She wasn't that costly. At that particular time, she was the only one I could afford.
I had MIA when I was five. She used to be my pet doll and showered her with all
the attention I could muster.But soon, I 'd grown tired of her constant presence and decided
to buy other dolls-newer,fresher, and lovelier. That's when all the trouble crept up, I guess.
I never thought of Mia again after I had new dolls. I had set her aside and even forgot
where I kept her for the meantime because I was darn too busy with my more precious dolls.
That's when the bigger trouble built up. In fact, it grew into a RAGE, an uncontained rage that
went on, simmering here and there,at the Doll House.
On the eve of my 18th birthday, the pent up rage metamorphosed into a
concrete being-rushing, enveloping, and spreading into the privacy of my quarters.
After the guests had left, and my mother had cleaned the clutter in the
doll house, and my brother had gone out with his equally sick and wacko buddies,
I SAW AN IMAGE in the staircase. It was an image that caused the plate of cheesecake
to slip away from my firm grip. And I had blood all over my feet because of the shattered porcelain.
"ISABELLA, darling, are you gonna sleep in your doll house so we can lock
up the living room for now?", my dad queried in a cordial manner from over his window on
the second floor of our main house. He waved at me momentarily and let go in a few
'Yes, Daddy!" I half-wailed and half-hummed. "Jonas shall join me later."
"Oh, your brother will sleep over his friend's house, he told me a while ago.",my
dad suggested and slowly closed his window."Good night sweetie pie!".
"Night Daddy..."
I didn't believe in ghost stuff and even if I saw one, I had to touch the thing to be able
to absorb its entity. Otherwise, it was just another product of a weird imagination or as what
my Jonas coined,"a fucked up hallucination".
But some beliefs crumble at certain,odd times particularly when you're a debutant
and preparing for your freshman year of college and mapping out your future together
with your boyfriend.
And why of all why's would a mad creature in a box appear before me at hand, as if
ready to condemn me and pounce on me any minute?
What, in nature's name, did she want?
Why stare at me with dead eyes which seemed to originate from a graveyard?
"ISABELLA...ISABELLA...why...why did you leave me?" The abandoned doll in the brown
box pursued me unrelentlessly down the stairs.
I stepped back in a quirky way, evading her every gaze.
And boy, where did her voice come from? It reverberated like a whirlpool of cold
"I'm sorry,but I don't know you. I never knew you."
"MIA...have you forgotten? I was your favorite doll.We were like sisters."she pleaded
"I've had so many dolls were one among them...I'm sorry I can't recall."
Isabella was now losing her confident manner and about to relapse from the unexpected
encounter with a talking doll. She must have gulped too much punch during her party.
"Isabella, why did you throw me away?"
The life-size doll came forward, urging to touch a hem of my purple dress.
"Stay away from me, you freak! Tomorrow, when this is all over, I'm going to laugh
at myself for this stupid mistake!" I sliced my words in a commanding way.
"Of course, you won't do that. You won't wake up. You shall join me in my misery."
Mia unruffled a cloth that contained a wide and long ROPE.
I was left in total wonder and didn't know if I wanted to prick her wax hands first
or her legs. "Stop your drama and let me sleep now. Have some respect please, it's
my birthday..."
Mia tightened the rope and lurched further toward me."It shall also be your last...
let's make your 18th year memorable Isabella."
"You dumb jerk!" I belched and moments later, I began to choke and felt the
real immersion of the rope on my whole being. My neck was about to rip off.
"See Isabella, I told you it's real. Next time when you buy a toy, don't throw it like
trash. It deserves better than that." Mia knelt before me and caressed my weeping
And that scene, dear readers, was the end of her. Before I forget, I am
now writing this memento of a dire event. We exchanged a deal. I'd let her live but
she would get stuck in a living doll.Nobody would know where she went.
And I became the new ISABELLA.

Monday, November 30, 2009

ORPHAN Afterthoughts

"Who was Jessica?" Esther lovingly asks Kate, one lazy afternoon."And why does Max talk about her all the time?"
Kate,caught off guard, balks at the unassuming query, and then finally decides to spill details surrounding it."She was my undelivered baby.Sad to say I had a miscarriage.So the doctor had to get rid of her..." Kate recalls in a half-melancholy and half-stressful way."But I believe she's in heaven now."
Esther, unsatisfied,digs for more dirty secrets in the family and brings out sensitive matters including the past womanizing of Kate's husband.
"HOW DARE YOU!"Kate spits.
"And what about your past drinking habits?". Esther insinuates mockingly.
This war-torn situation between the adoptive parent and the adopted-child is just one of the highlights of the highly-acclaimed thriller,"ORPHAN."The story revolves around two desperate parents who seek to adopt a surrogate ,youngest child to complete the family set-up. It is really Kate who can't get over her previous miscarriage-and constantly blames herself for it. She has neverending nighmares and paranoia about the accidental loss,thus,inflicting pain and guilt on her husband as well.
One fateful morning, the duo go to a private orphanage within the neighborhood, and unfortunately picks ESTHER. At first, the head nun, is unsure of what to say.Later on, she nods to the decision, proudly proclaiming: 'Esther is very advanced for her age. Very mature," then she pauses,"the only thing we can't make her undo is the tight collar around her neck. And she always wears long-sleeves...".
Toward the end of the movie,the audience is appalled to discover that the cover-up in Esther's mode of dressing is actually the evidences of her slash-wrists,slash-neck habitual ,suicidal attacks.
John,Kate's adoring and trustful husband innocently defends Esther before her already traumatized wife,Kate. The wife seemingly belives that there's something clearly wrong with Esther. "Look,"she invites,"these are the notes on children who kill. They're superficially charming, they're manipulative, and they have difficulty making friends!".
But the husband is stern."Oh,Esther is just a child.Leave her be!'.
In the climax of the movie,Esther screams at John."I AM NOT A CHILD! STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE A CHILD!".Deep in her privacy,she relishes on John's naked body and sexually fantacizes on her adoptive dad.
In the truest sense of the word, Esther is indeed, no longer a child. She's a midget or a self-proclaimed dwarf. Somehow her growth or stature is abnormal. She can't grow taller than a ten-year-old child. Born in 1973, she's 33 years old and a grown-up woman. These are facts from Searne, a mental hospital in Europe. Esther in an orphanage is just a camoflage. She is deranged and dangerous when freed! Somebody has to get help. Otherwise, the children, Max and her brother, will burn down and die unmercilessly on Esther's hands.
QUICK! And Kate outpaces her steps as she drives randomly toward their house,only to find her dead husband, lying in a pool of his own blood."OH JOHN!".
But where is Max? Where is her angel of a daughter-mute and deaf Max-is she still alive?
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" she bewails and runs after Esther like every dutiful mommy.
In the end, when Esther is almost drowning in a snow-laden lake, she gently prods her adoptive mother."Please mommy,don't let me die..."
Kate, who is now fully aware of Esther's persona, kicks Esther back into the water, "I'M NOT YOUR F__________G MOMMY!".
Now this is a film worthy of its merits,particularly on the term,PARADOX. According to the dictionary, paradox means simply a self-contradictory and false proposition. Furthermore it clings to any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.
In one scene, Kate patiently tutors Esther on basic piano playing.Esther pretends to commit minor mistakes. But in reality Esther is a genius in piano-playing. Kate becomes a witness to Esther playing a famous Mozart piece in a flawless way.
Kate shrugs,"But you said you couldn't play the piano!".
"I didn't want to hurt you. What with your deaf daughter you can never teach the beauty of sounds ...". What a bitch Esther truly is!