Friday, November 23, 2012

The Fitting Room

      Tei-Tei has a queer fondness for red stuff.She goes for anything that accentuates crimson in her belongings and clothings. Even shoes for that  matter, or belts,or cellphones. Perhaps she is
such a vibrant and passionate lady that she aspires for a redded closet.
      One warm afternoon,a close friend tipped her about a newly opened boutique in Bangkok.The friend claimed the store offered numerous choices of red painted dresses, blousesand accesories.
      Tei-Tei couldn't contain her excitement.She's been tired of
common fashion stores in their town and the store her close pal suggested truly caught her interest.
      So without delaying any time, Tei-Tei headed straight to "EKANS BOUTIQUE".

      "I am Madame Eskire," the Boutique manager was cordially introducing herself."What type of item are you looking for?".
      Tei-Tei lay aside her leather bag and gasped for a few,
short breaths. "Honestly, your place is quite hard to find..."
      The manager chuckled a bit. "Come, I'll show you around."
      Tei-Tei welcomed the friendly invite.She removed her straw hat and fixed her kerchief.
      "I'd like to check your new kerchiefs...and possibly a couple of dresses later." Tei-Tei made a slow demand and flashed the Manager a faint smile.
      "Sure...try this on."
       Tei-Tei was mesmerized."How did you know I adore RED?".
       The manager scowled, and showed mild irritation." From the
gut, I guess."
       Tei-Tei went inside the third partition of the linear fitting room. She began to don the red kerchief.
                Suddenly, there was an abrupt shriek heard from the vicinity of the boutique. Then a very long wail followed suit.
       Madame Eskire has just pushed the button from the third fitting room. Her half-snake and half-man son would not starve for
the next several weeks. Tei-Tei was a good enough meal for him.
       Her scaly son has been pining for a white-skinned woman with
a red kerchief. The last time he scored a big meal was the moment a
third-year Dentistry student from Bangkok stepped into the third fitting room. The severed woman was wearing a striped, red kerchief.
Her meat was not like anything that the son had ever tasted. And from that instance, he framed a theory that any woman with a red kerchief on would make a great, indefinable meal.
     The next day, Shamira dropped by EKANS BOUTIQUE. Undaunted
and weary, she asked quizzically if Madame Eskire had met Tei-Tei.
     "She said she'd return immediately to her house and we're gonna
try all the items she bought from here.We are to attend a party later tonight." She narrated in a fast-paced, sing song manner.
     "No, she never went here." Madame Eskire jolted, examing the
an ID picture of Tei-Tei.
     "Are you sure? Where would I look for her now? Don't you know
she's an only child?" Shamira drank her power drink in a quirky and
panicky mode."I shouldn't have sent her here. Her mother would call the police and file charges against me."
     Madame Eskire elbowed forward. "I'll tell you a good idea. Why
not fit a dress you like in the fitting room over there. You can have the shoes or the slacks. Choose antything appropriate." She winked.
     "That would be a good idea. So I can take my mind off this mess."
      Shamira got in the third fitting room to the left wing of the
      "Now my son, you can hibernate for months." Madame Shamira
chortled to herself.


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